Eww! Gross!!

7:08 PM

There are certain things about being a parent that are not well advertised. If they were made public, people might never have children.

Here's one such fact: kids occasionally poop in the bathtub.

Oh, I hear you, "EWWW!!! Grosss!!!"

I echo such sentiments.

Just moments ago, I was sitting down here catching up on some of my favorite blogs while Kyle gave the kids a bath. Happy sounds filtered down the stairs to me...splashing, squealing, screeching, giggling...all good bath sounds.

And then, suddenly, things changed.

I heard a horrific scream from Brooklyn and while I was down here and couldn't really see what was going on, it was clear that the overall atmosphere had changed from happy to disgusted and urgent.

I instantly had a hunch. Pretty much validated by the sounds I then heard coming from the bathroom - tub draining, shower running, kids feet pounding the hallways, more squeals.

I sprinted up the stairs to confirm my suspicion. Yes, there was poop in the tub. August had let the warm water lull him into a false state of security and just done his business right there. With the bath toys, with their bath water....oh yeah, it makes me want to hurl.

What do I do? I take a picture of the mayhem and then run back down here to tell you guys about it. Great mom, huh?

After a close encounter with some bleach, that tub and its toys will once again be called into service. But for now, I'm still really grossed out.

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  1. Oh my! Izzy did the same thing last week...TWICE! She did it two nights in a row. I guess her little system was in a weird place (as she is usually a morning person) and two nights in a row she pooped in the tub! Eva flipped out! So funny...and yes, so gross!

  2. Ashlen has christened our tub but it's only when Chad bathes her. I still remember my sister pooping in the tub. Apparently I would yell "Mom, she did it again!"