6:53 PM

What I'm not going to do here is lament the technological proficiency of our children, even our babies...I'm just going to say that it's incredible what they learn and how young they are when they learn it.
Here Brooklyn and August are playing a spelling game on Kyle's Iphone.

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  1. What spelling app does Kyle have? Does Brooklyn like it? Jonathan knows how to unlock our iPhones, and how to slide the screens side to side, and sometimes, how to call a random contact number, haha.

  2. Eva walks around taking pictures with my iPhone and has a few apps on there that she likes as well, an alphabet app and a flashcard app. iTots is what I think the flashcard app is called if you don't already have it. I highly recommend it. It's good for adding to their growing vocab and you can pick different languages. We are big fans of the spanish (naturally) at our house.