Little Daddy

1:05 PM

Someday, August is going to make some woman very happy. He's been practicing at being a good daddy for some time now. He loves to hold and kiss his babies (or Brooklyn's babies) and shush them to sleep. And yesterday, when Brooklyn was playing with her doll and some new clothes sent to her by her Nan, August could not be left out. He grabbed his own baby doll and we rigged him a baby Bjorn out of a little backpack. He thought he was the bee's knees.

Notice the rigged straps in the back to prevent the carrier from falling off his shoulders.
Yes, that is an office paper clippie.

Yep, fits snugly and yes, he can kiss the top of his baby's head as you are supposed to be able to do when the carrier is properly positioned.

Or kiss the baby smack on the mouth.

And we're ready to go! Baby strapped on and carrier in hand.

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