Snooze Fest

7:00 PM

As some of you know, Kyle and I co-sleep with our kiddos while they're nursing. Which means that August is still sleeping with us, but Brooklyn is not.

She does, however, seem to have an internal alarm clock that is synced up with Kyle's morning alarm. The minute he wakes up to get ready for work, I know I'll hear a distant thump (the sound of her feet hitting the floor) followed by a slow shuffle down the hall towards our room. Mostly asleep herself, she crawls onto the bed, kisses me and nestles up into the warm spot just vacated by her Daddy. Which works well for me because I sleep on my side and like to have something against my back.

August has lately become quite the squirmer when he sleeps. He either sleeps nestled against my side, or on top of me with his face smushing mine, or as this picture indicates, with his feet right on my face. That is my least preferred of his sleeping positions as he tends to kick and jerk in his sleep.

Kyle probably has a hard time not laughing out loud some mornings at the scene we must be. And would you believe we just have a double bed? I know...we're nuts.

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