A Step in Time

7:19 PM

At some point, it occurred to me I'd need a step stool of some sort for Brooklyn and August to use if they were ever going to independently wash their hands or brush their teeth.

So I found this sturdy little wooden stool for $3 at an estate sale. I had it in my head that I'd paint it and maybe make it sort of unique and then put it to use. This was months ago. I tend to delay such projects, easy though they may be.

I finally just did it. One recent weekend, I applied multiple coats of white lacquered paint and let it dry. Then I traced Brooklyn's feet and August's feet in the dead center. Then I painted those footprints. Officially memorializing the size of their feet at ages 4 and 20 months, respectively.

And they use the little step stool, and I feel a little bit proud that I followed through on an artsy project!

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  1. That is darling! What a cute idea.
    The bath tub story is hilarious, by the way! I have been waiting for that to happen at our house, too.

  2. So cute. That stinkin' stool is adorable!