Chicago Part 1

2:47 PM

My friend Liz recently went on vacation and neatly broke her vacation blogs into multiple posts. A great idea I will shamelessly copy. Thank you, Liz!

Eagerly awaiting our flight to Chicago! This was Brooklyn and August's first time to fly!

August was so thrilled...he sensed that something was going on! Kyle was just glad that this time, we'd be going with him to Chicago! He makes the trip a lot solo.

Seated and buckled...on a super tiny plane. This is before the flight attendant informed us that August had to sit on our laps, unbuckled and on the other side of the aisle.

I'm still amazed at how good these photos turned out from my window on the plane.

As the plane circled over Lake Michigan, my favorite city unfurled beneath us. It was glorious. I so love Chicago.

Feet back on the ground, these two kids were very relieved. The descent was rather bumpy and out of nowhere, August lost his lunch all over himself and Kyle. Thank goodness for baby wipes! If you look closely, you can probably see dried gunk on August's shirt!

Ok, so maybe this is TOO much transportation for one afternoon. We are way past our naptime.
About 5 minutes after this photo, August fell asleep sitting upright and stayed asleep as I carried him through the train station, downtown and into our hotel room. He slept for about 3 hours. Worn OUT!

The lovely, shimmery Trump Hotel directly across from our hotel.

Looking out our hotel window (Hotel 71) straight down the river. We scooched a chair over to the window so the kids could gaze upon the busy city before them. They were super excited.

Kyle and I were too.

The afternoon view from our hotel window. Not too shabby.
After August got his sleeping taken care of, we burst out of our hotel onto the city. It was so much fun going with Kyle and the kids. The last time I was here, Kyle and I hadn't even contemplated parenthood! It was extremely fun to share it with our tots.

Also happened to be the night the Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 49 years. The city was abuzz.
Looking down Michigan Avenue.

A proud skyline already hailing it's Hawks!

More to come....stay tuned!

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