True Religion

2:11 PM

Ok, I'm not talking about religion here. Anyone who loves jeans as much as I do, and I know you're out there, ladies....knows that I'm referring to True Religion jeans. Jeans that are amazing, but yes. They cost an arm, a leg and your firstborn child.

Something that I might actually purchase for myself given my obsession with jeans, but would most definitely never pay full price for my children to wear. If you can afford to buy $150 jeans for a child who will most definitely not be able to wear them in 3 months, then more power to you. I personally just can't do it. Not and buy groceries.

The cool thing about having your kids used as models is that you get to see what they look like in really expensive clothing.
And I have to say...not bad!

August, in all his almost 2-ness, got to wear some True Religion jeans ($150 price tag dangling from them), a Polo plaid button down and the kicker- a Burberry sport coat (upwards of $250).

And I must say, the boy looked GOOD! Super handsome. And he knew it. He sort of strutted. As much as anyone wearing diapers is able to.

My little model.

Brooklyn also had a pair of True Religions...held up on her tiny hips with these industrial sized clips. She also got to wear a sweet hot pink, Juicy Couture jacket over this seriously cute green dress.
And a French little hat to fit her French room. She thought August needed some hair decorations, too.
Outfit #2 under construction. He was so good. He did have one mini-meltdown when they took Brooklyn's hot pink Gladiator shoes away from him. He REALLY wanted to wear them.

Instead, he ran around barefoot.

The photographer, Nancy Nolan, is absolutely amazing. I've seen and marveled at her work, but seeing her in action in person was a different story. Not only is she the most personable person I think I've ever met, but her ability to charm children is nothing short of magic. I loved meeting her and having her photograph our house and kids!

So, if you want to see what photos SHE took, check out the August issue of At Home in Arkansas, available mid-July!

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  1. They look soooo adorable! Kyle didn't want to buy that Burberry jacket for August? :) He looks so grown up in it. It looks like it was a fun day!

  2. How handsome August looks! Can you believe our babies are going to be 2?!?

    And I LOVE yours and B's hair cuts. SO chic!

  3. Fabulous!!! They look adorable as always!! Looking forward to seeing the magazine!