A Long Weekend

4:05 PM

Alternately titled: Introducing our Rwandan to the the three F's: the FARM, 4wheelers and fishing!

The pattern that has developed among our family is to head to the Farm for long weekends. And it's a good pattern. I cannot think of anything more relaxing than going down there, not having to worry about cooking (although I do love to cook), finishing up knitting projects (almost every project I begin ends with a long weekend at the Farm), hanging out with my brothers and sisters in law, watching the kids be kids, zooming about on 4wheelers, slapping at mosquitos, playing badminton and just generally savoring life.

A tender moment between Rene and August. They adore each other.

A girl. A pool. A dog that just fits in that pool.

A boy. A dog. A ball.

Zach's dune buggy was the source of MUCH fun. My dad mowed a course through the pasture and we had timed races. Singles, then couples. It was awesome! The challenge was keeping your mouth closed so as not to swallow large clumps of flying hay.

Does it get more relaxing than this?

Sometimes you just need a good blast of air to the face.

Never have I seen so much food consumed. Ever.


Just one of the many fish Rene caught. He may have emptied the pond.

Here's how this went down.
DD - "Look, Avery, water! Let's touch it!"

Avery - "Uh, DD, I really am not sure about this."

August - "Avery, it's ok. It's not too cold! You'll be ok."

Avery - "Umph, hugh, hugh, I don't think so..."

Avery - "AAAAAA!!!! This is cold!! I told you I'd hate it!!!! I do! I hate it!!!!"

August - "Bookyn, look at Avery! She mad!"

I'm taking requests now. What would you like to hear?

There's a storm a-brewing, folks.

As the wind picks up, Brooklyn's hair whips about in a frenzy!

Josh perfects the Naked Baby Toss.

Grandma Barbara calmly rocks Merrick to sleep.

This is what happens to a diaper when it reaches max capacity.
This is also why they invented swim diapers.

Wow, Sawyer, that's a BIG diaper!

How's this for a splash, August?

No, Sawyer, THIS is a splash!!!!

Oh, yeah, that WAS good!

The lengths we go to for a good photo.

Off to explore this great big world.

One small step for mankind, but a big step for my baby.
Especially if he steps on a sweetgum ball. Ouch.

This is my 4 wheeler and here I will stay.

Let's go, Ne'! I'm ready!!

August and Rene just chilling.

Pretty much where you could find Rene the whole weekend.

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