The Most Handsome Ring Bearer

6:04 PM

I figured that at some point in my children's lives, they would be the perfect age for Flower Girl and Ring Bearer in some wedding...probably of one of my siblings. 

And that day has come. On Saturday, Michael marries Beth and they asked Brooklyn and August to serve those most special of roles.

I find it interesting that little girls buy their dresses and shoes and boys rent their suits and shoes. August doesn't find this to be fair at all. He really wants to keep his suit and dress shoes. We did buy him a pair of dressy socks, just like his Daddy wears, but that's really not good enough for him.

More than a few tears were shed this morning when we tried this suit on and he fell in love with it and was crushed to realize he couldn't keep it after the wedding. Life is hard, sometimes, and there aren't always easy explanations.The hug you see above is my consoling him after those tears streamed down his face.

Oh, yeah. I'm looking GOOD! 

My tie's on and my cuff links are on and I'm ready! Where's that pillow?

August, I'm so proud of how handsome you are!! 

Head to toe glamour.

So proud to be his mommy. And yes, I chopped my hair off!!

Focused business man pose...

Renee, our Rwandan, was able to come with us. The kids were happy.

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  1. That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!