A Run Out Day

7:27 PM

I mentioned this to Kyle a few minutes ago as Dorien spewed baby puke over Kyle's left shoulder, forming a little puddle on our kitchen floor. 

Kyle glanced up to the paper towel holder which was.....empty.  He made do with a hand towel hanging over the oven handle. 

Earlier today I'd gone into Brooklyn's bathroom where there was approximately half a sheet of toilet paper on the roll. I changed it.

Later I went into my bathroom where there was an empty cardboard tube sitting where a full roll should be. I changed it.

I noticed as I was starting a load of laundry that I am just about out of detergent. And dryer sheets. 

I made Mississippi Mud tonight and noticed I am almost out of sugar. And eggs. And the milk is gonna be empty after tomorrow morning. 

It's one of those days. A run out day. Ever have those? 

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