The Purl Skirt

3:51 PM

For a while now, I've found inspiration for knitting and sewing projects from and, my favorite store (and their blog) in NYC. A store that as of yet, I only visit online, but hope to visit in person someday! 

They have some amazingly creative people who are great about sharing their projects and instructions so that we eager fellow "crafts"men can attempt to follow in their footsteps.   

Over the last few days, in between working for DD&F, being a mom and doing tons of home-school curriculum research, I've stolen moments to sew this skirt for Brooklyn. It is the first of two, and I am so thrilled by my success that sewing little skirts may be my new hobby. Just kidding. I did have a great time sewing this, though. And little B looks awesome in it.  

 The fabric I chose because of its great colors and also because it's soft and silky like the Liberty print they used on their skirt. Turns out, it's City Weekend by Liesl Gibson for Oliver + S. I have purchased a few patterns from them to make later on, and I was thrilled that I'd chosen something by them! 

 The orange techy trim used in the Purl example was not available when I purchased the other items (although it is NOW available), so I bought a wide grey grosgrain ribbon trim from Purl instead. I also sewed the trim on using a contrasting color, rather than something that blended in. Was riskier, because every deviation from perfectly straight is visible, but I still like the way the orange thread looks against the grey.

The waistband elastic I also bought from Purl, a neon orange that works great! When I was looking for neon elastic,  I discovered that Purl is about the only place to find it! I did inspire my local sewing shop to get some in. They also are fans of Purl and were eager for me to bring in my finished product and show them. 

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  1. Adorable!!! B looks so cute in it!