Small Changes

7:00 AM

 Sometimes, you have to satisfy your urge to redesign continuously with small changes.

Such as changing out this extremely tired-looking shower curtain in our master bathroom with something newer and fresher. I was never 100% in love with this curtain, but at the time, wasn't up for spending much money and until recently, wasn't crazy about any other shower curtain.

So we've been making do.

No more making do. This lovely shower curtain is something I've been eyeing on West Elm for a few months now. And I went for it. It's just a shower curtain, after all.

But it's fresh, whimsical, and fits the room much better. I only hope I don't stumble into my bathroom in the middle of the night and think there's an enormous brown moth in the room. That might make for one very loud scream. 

I also decided to put this wooden chest to a better use.


Formerly home to lotions, perfumes and soaps, 
I put those things on a tray that matches the shower curtain and made the marble top of the cabinet look much cleaner. 

Simple and elegant.

And easier on the eyes.

And the wooden chest is now my new thread storage box. Lovely. I love when things work out.

And both Dorien and Daddy approve. Even better.

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  1. My mom and I were just talking about this very same thing as I'm excited to get home and rearrange things! Love the shower curtain, and your hair!!