Atypical Tuesday

7:33 PM

Two Tuesdays ago, this is how we spent our day.  At the Lincoln Park Zoo.
I should be more accurate and say we spent our late afternoon/evening out in Lincoln Park because we did our schooling in the hotel, had lunch with Daddy at the RainForest Cafe, visited the StoneWard office and then drove out to Lincoln Park with our friend, Kyler, who lives in Lincoln Park.

One of the best things about this zoo is its price: $0
Totally free!
Free Lion-Nap-Time-Viewing!

Free sleeping tiger time!

Free gorilla sleeping in a strangely human position!

Free thinking monkey pose!

Free view of Susan the camel! (Brooklyn named her Susan)

Free endless pacing of the snow leopard! 

After we toured the zoo (freely), we moseyed our way back to my car with Kyler. I should insert here that thanks to Kyler's willingness to stand on the curb and guide me, I parallel-parked my monstrous Lincoln in Lincoln Park - making my guessed it...FREE!

We found this amazing park area and I took the opportunity to settle down on a bench and feed Baby D who was overdue.  Brooklyn befriended a local Cocker Spaniel and had a grand old time.

It almost seemed cliche to sit in such a gorgeous place with such cool breezes blowing, a storm blowing in, the sky darkening yet still crisp and fallish in downtown Chicago...and look over and see someone doing Tai Chi. Can you spot her? It was hard not to stare.

Behind sigh at how beautiful it is....Reminds me of those Central Park scenes from NYC. 

Although the sun was setting on the day, we were only a few blocks from the Lake, so of course we trekked over there on our worn out legs.  I seriously have the most amazing kids in the whole world.  Did they complain at all? Well, maybe one or twice.  But they were, and continue to be, game for pretty much whatever I ask of them. I am blessed. This is a view the city across a bridge.

And we reached the "Beach". I was astounded at the number of runners/joggers/bikers. Made me desperately want to join in! 

Looking North up Lake Michigan. I may need to paint this. 

August, Brooklyn and Kyler sit and soak up the view. 

Unfortunately, Dorien was not allowed (by me) to crawl around. Just a smidge too close to the water. 

Hey Mom! Please let me get out!!!! I promise I'll stay right here! Is this a face that would lie to you?

Brooklyn never misses an opportunity to pose. That's my girl. 
Notice the activity behind her!!!

And this fella, just melts my heart. Also good painting material...

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