Dorien's Expressions

2:58 PM

Now, Dad...don't even think of hiding that from me. 

Yes, I see....this is a lovely pink cup... 

I mean, it's ok if I eat it, right? Cause let's be honest, here...we both know it's headed to my mouth. 

What? C'mon! I was just about to taste it! And no, there's nothing in it! See?! 

 Well, you're making me think I want that camera instead.

Yep. Gotta have that camera... 

Oh! Ok! What's this? It's ok to eat? 

Now this here is one interesting thingy. I'm this close to figuring it out... 

Yep! I got it! It's not a camera! That's what it is! 

And I really do still want that camera!!! Here I come!!!

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