My First Paintings

3:39 PM

This is my very first painting and I can't say that I'm completely finished with it. I was until I painted August's and then decided I may need to tweak some areas of Brooklyn's portrait. 

This was painted using acrylic paints from a photograph I'd taken of Brooklyn.

This is my second painting. A portrait of August. 
And I will add that neither photograph does these justice as the flash or lighting from the windows makes the painting look different.

I happened to have my phone with me at the two art classes it took me to paint August's portrait. So you can sort of see the progression! My first phase was to draw on the canvas, then do his eyes. I don't have a picture of the eyes-only canvas. 

The second class I tackled him, I worked very fast. It takes me about 45 minutes to mix my flesh tone palette. I end up with about 6 shades of cool skin tones and 6 of warm skin tones. And I'm racing against time using acrylics which dry way too fast. I may dabble in oils to see how much easier it is to mix and blend in a more leisurely fashion.

At this point, it looks scary. And I jump back and forth from my painting to look at it and assess. And I paint hiding away from other people. I don't like people seeing my unfinished project.

Shaping up more...blending more skin tones now.  Continuing to build up the shape of his head.

Now, this is proof of how deceptive light can be, because it looks like he got really orange all the sudden. He didn't! It's just lighting. But his skin is mostly done here and his mouth has appeared along with his neck and some shadows.

Another shot of the face.

And now some hair, a shirt and background color. My little man. 

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  1. You did a great job Ash!! Makes me want to take an art class!:)

  2. Fantastic! The boys said, "Can we see Brooklyn and August again?"

  3. Those are seriously amazing! You got talent, girl! Meanwhile I'm sitting watching tv and eating those nutella mug cakes from your pinterest :)