Another Cousin

10:13 PM

Sometimes people come into your life for a reason. Sometimes they enter as a student. You find yourself paying more attention to them and seeing a real need.  You take them under your wing. You love them. You invite them into your home. They become part of your family. And God says, this is a good thing. Make it official. And so you make it official.

My precious brother and sister-in-law, Zach and Anna, have been obedient to the Lord and are opening their hearts and home to a girl who desperately needs both unconditional love and a forever family.  

They're making it official. And I could not be prouder of them or happier to call Meredith my niece. 

Click here to see the TV spot on their story!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I saw this on Mabel's House and thought it was amazing! I had no idea it was your brother! What a great family you have- giving! Merry Christmas to your whole family!

  2. I saw that the other day! Beautiful!!