A Good Book is Dangerous

3:15 PM

If you're a reader, you know what I mean.

A good book sucks you in like a black hole and, seriously, everything disappears.  Everything, that is, but the book.

You lose track of time. You bide your time doing mundane activities, just waiting for the moment when you can reenter that world with which you have become entangled. Hopelessly. 

It's even better when you are stuck in that world with a friend. Which, in my case, means Kyle checked out the book, began reading it, and I found the book and started reading it while he was at work...

A good book replaces for awhile, the world in which you presently live.  You become part of another time, another language, another relationship, another event, another mood, another job, another everything.  You feel the pages slipping through your fingers and you itch to turn yet another to keep living in this world and to see what's next, but you also mourn the turning of each page because it means you're that much closer to the last page.

You wonder to yourself..."Does he do it? Is he successful? Does he go back? Does she go with him? Will they make it? Who is Jimla? What's the significance of the Yellow/Orange/Black Card men??"  And even worse...does this book end badly? Am I going to be really upset when the back of the book is all I have left to flip over? 

Don't know yet...but I am way more than knee deep in this book and right now, if you're not part of it, you just might not be anything more than a bluish haze to me...

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  1. Haha! I'm in this world now as my 3 year old wants that help when I'm nursing too. I think you are 3 now and you go by yourself at school? Why?