It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

4:00 PM


Thanks to our little helpers, the tree has been trimmed.  And it is real and apparently depressed, despite the tree preserving juice we faithfully give it. It's losing needles. Dern conifer. 

And this little 9 month machine is all about what can go in his mouth.  

Oh yes, this will do.

Aside from shaking a maraca at the tree, remarkably, Dorien leaves it alone! I do have to watch him with stray tinsel bits. What a charmer!

Bet you didn't realize there was such a crowd at the stables in Bethlehem.  Yep, somehow Noah and his crew managed to show up.

Stockings hung from the chimney with care...

And do you see the little side table and it's decorations?

 Oh, I meant THESE decorations. Dorien, aka, the Beaver, has been teething on the side of this table. 

Last night, an angel worked puzzles with Rene.

Oh, that's just Brooklyn! 

Clearly, up to no good.

Dancing to Dirty Diana!!! 

August taking his puzzles to the floor. You should have seen him slide the pieces around when Baby D came after him...

You go on your Strawberry Shortcake puzzle, Ne!

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