Thanksgiving Hoopla

8:00 AM

Another Thanksgiving, another holiday with our precious Rwandan, Rene! So good to have him around. 

Farm Time - and it's Cousin Central! Did I also mention that 2011 was Year of the BOY? Well, in our family, this has proven to be true. Dorien was born in March to me, Gage to Lauren in April, Tagg to Anna in June. Melissa's baby (gender unknown) is due this month. Dare we hope to add yet another dose of testosterone to our cousin mix? We shall see.

In the meantime, let no mouth go unfilled. These boys have been known to slobber on...well, absolutely everything.

Gage - or as we like to call him - Gagey-Fred.
In honor of a certain relative hilariously named, Jimmy-Fred.
(We have discovered that "Fred" can be added to the end of just about any name, giving it just that extra bit of flair. You should try it.)

My very own Smushy-Mushy

Taggy-Fred (or Mini-Zach)

What do you get when you take 7 siblings, 5 spouses, 3 grandparents, 1 Rwandan, 3 Chinese and 9 grandchildren? Lots and lots of 4wheelers and tractors.

 Jeremiah brought 3 Chinese students home with him from OU. Brooklyn, ever the ambassador of friendliness, was delighted to make them feel welcome. Dho, Liu and Jang were overwhelmed by all the children. Being at the Farm with so many children running around, with wide open pastures and land, badminton, 4 wheelers and tractors and all the food you could eat....they said it was paradise: every man's dream. 

It's amazing how precious children are when you come from a country where you're only allowed to have as many children as are in your family. Only child? You get to have one kid. One of two? Well, you get to have 2 kids. How horrible. They thought it was fantastic to be surrounded by lots of little ones. 

And these days, among our family, holidays are become very multi-cultural. It's awesome!

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