Mama Land

8:00 AM

I had one of those funny mom moments on Tuesday that I possibly shouldn't share with you, but will anyway.

So I'm sitting on my bed with Dorien snuggled close, nursing him to sleep for his afternoon nap.  And I'm reading my book and enjoying this time of just being still and snuggling with my baby.

And then I hear this little voice calling me from the bathroom in the hallway..

"Mommy! I pooped! I'm done!! I need you!!!" This was August - and he needed some wiping help.

I cover Dorien's ears to keep from jolting him awake and reply, "August, is there any way you can do it yourself? Dorien is asleep and nursing!"

August replies, "NOO!! I'm done!!!" (in other words, come here and help me!)

Just then, I hear B from my bathroom: "Mommy! I pooped and I'm done!" (and she needs wiping help)

Are you kidding me? I said, "B, you're 5, almost 6. It's time you gained some confidence in this area! Do it yourself!"

B lapses into wails and moans and I can just picture her slumped over on the potty, hands dragging the floor in despair as she stubbornly refuses to do it herself.

This goes on for several minutes. There is no way I'm moving while Dorien is in that mostly asleep area, but not completely asleep. Because then he'll be UP up.

Meanwhile, I text Kyle and lament to him my plight. He's with me - get those kids to do it themselves! Yeah, in theory that is fantastic. Absolutely ideal.

Sigh. After giving both my children ample time to really develop a good solid "ring around the rump", I eventually extricate myself from my sleeping boy and go take care of business.  There are moments when I just really wish...I don't know...something!

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