Entrelac Knitting

9:00 AM

My latest knitting project was yet another inspiration from Purl Soho in NYC.  This particular project was actually in a book I bought from Purl called More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
The Entrelac Baby Blanket.

This was one of the most unique knitting projects I've ever undertaken. Entrelac is a style of knitting where you basically knit a series of square and triangles together. 

This project was knit completely on one pair of circular needles. It was broken down into 5 rows: green/blue triangles...white row...blue and green squares...white row...yellow and blue triangles. I started with the blue triangle pictured in the top right, then did the green triangle, then the white triangle on the next row. And it was a project where I couldn't overthink what I was doing. Only when I was well into the rows did it even begin to look like a blanket. 

But I would have to say it was pretty easy to knit, pretty mindless once you got going, and pretty fun! 
The book suggested you use a cashmere...but seriously? I wasn't gonna spend over $100 to buy yarn for a blanket that a child was going to use. This is not a precious jewel. This is something that needs to be machine-washable. 

Fortunately, the helpful ladies at the yarn store where I purchased the yarn were able to give me some ideas for substitutes. And either we overcalculated or I knit it tighter...but I have SEVERAL skeins left. A new project???

I love this blanket. I chose the colors based on its future use in August and Dorien's room which has mustard colored quilts on the beds. I thought the one mustard triangle would be a neat addition to tie it to the room.

Size-wise, it's about 34 inches square. Perfect to wrap up a child in. And extremely soft.
The More Last Minute Knitted Gifts book breaks projects down by estimated hours to completion, and this one was projected to take over 8 hours. And yes, it did. It actually took me a few months. Nothing really last minute about it! 

But that's really my fault as finding time to knit is squeezed in among other, more pressing priorities. 
But I am so pleased to have checked it off my knitting "to do" list! 

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  1. I love those color choices, my talented friend!