The View

9:59 AM

This is the view outside my kitchen window. Looks rather wild out there, but really it's beautiful. Trees are in various stages of shedding their leaves and changing colors. I only have a few oak trees out there that just turn straight to brown and lose their leaves. Most flow through various colors of gold, yellow or red and then flutter slowly down from the trees.

And there's always plenty of blue sky.

And here is my backyard, with Singer waiting patiently to come in. 

And a carpet of yellow leaves that positively GLOWS all day long. Just looking out this door makes me joyful, which is good because lately I have been sick with pneumonia and felt extremely cruddy. It's nice to have things that infuse you with joy even as you cough up your left lung.

And my counter-buddy, Dorien. Sharing a bowl of oatmeal with me. And helping me drink my hot tea. Or coppee. These days, there's been much more hot tea than coppee. But he's really not picky. 

The view around here has been clouded with fevers, antibiotics and coughs. But I am hopeful that a change is coming. And grateful for every source of joy that surrounds me - which is ridiculously plentiful.

 Happy Weekend!

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  1. Dorien is so adorable with those big eyes and sweet face! Hope you feel better soon!!!!