The House

2:56 PM

Last night, Kyle had to work till about 8, and the kids and I popped down the street briefly to Zach and Anna's house to sing Happy Birthday to Avery who turns 3 today. Which means that we were eating birthday cake when we should have been eating dinner. 

But I was still feeling totally cruddy, totally snotty and stopped up and just all around miserable. And so I could care less about dinner. Except that I do have a family to feed, and their noses aren't stopped up and they can actually taste food. 

So, when Kyle got home and he hadn't eaten either (and was also feeling cruddy), we unanimously decided Waffle House was what we needed.  Comfort food at its best.

Waffle House is our Kryptonite. Most of our healthy eating principles weaken when the name is even mentioned. Because there are times when raisin toast, eggs over medium, peppered hashbrowns (loaded up with jalapenos) and Waffle House coffee in those thick off-white mugs is just what you gotta have.  

And you make up for it later by working out extra hard. 

Truthfully, the jalapenos cleared my sinuses up better than any other tactic I've tried. 
Note to all you other sinus sufferers...

When it comes to Waffle House, we are creatures of habit, as are most House eaters, I would bet.
So much so are we, that Brooklyn wrote out her own order on a little scrap of paper before we even left our house. Had I not been coughing my head off, I would have laughed it off when she casually whipped out her "order" and laid it on the menu for the waitress to see.

How I love this girl. She constantly surprises me, delights me and keeps me laughing. 
There is no greater joy than parenthood.
Although peppered hashbrowns comes pretty darn close.

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