Flor Rug!

8:00 AM

Welcome to my house, my foyer and my new Flor tiles rug! 

This rug, I am a little embarrassed to say, is about 2, possibly 3 years in the making. When it comes to decorating decisions in my house, I don't make them quickly. Well, that's not entirely true. I deliberate and measure and compare and contrast and then start over. And hash it back and forth and think I've made up my mind only to make a sudden decision at the end that usually is not at all what I deliberated about so long.

An example: When we were in the market for a new couch, it took us over 2 years to pick one and buy it. We fell in love with one on Room and Board, but never pulled the trigger because there are no Room and Board stores near enough for us to actually see and test out my desired couch. I even sent Kyle over to a Room and Board in Chicago one time when he was up there on business to check it out. 
In the end, I randomly found a couch on BluDot one day and bought it online, sight unseen. It was in many ways, not at all what I was originally looking for. But when I saw it, I knew and I didn't hesitate for one second. I'm strange that way. And I've had no regrets.

Back to the rug in our foyer...

Since we moved in almost 7 years ago, I knew we needed a good entryway rug. 
But there were several challenges I faced:
1) it's an odd-shaped foyer with multiple doorways opening off it, plus some stairs and a door to our basement;
2) it needed to be colorful because...well, it just did.
3) it needed to be able to withstand moderate traffic
4) and Singer's paws
5) and not cost a fortune
6) and fit the style of the rest of our house.

I have been a fan of Flor tiles ever since I first received a catalog from them years ago. I decided a Flor rug would be going in this space, but it has taken me ages to narrow it down to the style of the tile and the color. The choices are, I kid you not, LIMITLESS!

The funny thing was I had gone so far as to measure off and mark with masking tape, the dimensions of the rug I wanted. I planned for a 4x4 tile grid (each tile is 19.7 inches square). I left those pieces of tape there so long that when I pulled them up, they wouldn't come off all the way in a few spots. They had become one with the hardwood floors.

Ironically, I didn't end up going with those original dimensions, either. I went with a 3x3 grid instead of a 4x4.  

I had also originally planned a dark blueish color. And clearly, what you see on my floor is NOT blue. In the end, I opted for a pinkish purple color that provides an unexpected pop of color when you walk in the door! It immediately says, "This house is modern." Which I love because clearly, the house itself is anything but.

The rug also looks like different colors depending upon what angle you are looking at it 
and the lighting at the time.  But it works because my dining room rug has reds and blues and purples in it...and my living room has a hot pink console table. It sort of brings it all together.

And even more brilliantly, the tiles also have some blue woven in. 

The tile is called House Pet. The color is Hummingbird.
It's wiry and whiskery.
It's meant to withstand heavy traffic.
We laid them in a parquet style so it looks checker-boardy.
It is held together by these clever stickers that hold the tiles together but don't stick the rug to our floor.
We do need to use some sort of rug mat as the rug does slide around at the moment.

But, people, at long long long last, there is a rug in my foyer!!!

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