8:52 PM

The Fourth of July is commonly referred to as Independence Day, and it is. However, around our house, we like to call it - All Day Daddy Day! Because it's a day in the middle of the week in which Daddy is at home with me and Brooklyn all day. Duh. This was a particularly special day for us, so we started it with a yummy breakfast of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, piping hot Gevalia coffee and a plate of sliced nectarines, plump red cherries and banana. We swam at the pool until storm clouds chased us away. And we tackled two of our DIY projects: the spraypainting of our above-mantel mirror and the painting of our TV cabinet.

Now, tell me this, why is it that you can never quite get the color you want on the first try! The challenge we faced was picking out the perfect blue that said MODERN, rather than country or cutesy. We spent 30 minutes at Lowes examining every blue paint chip they had, and confidently walked away with what we just knew would work. Until Kyle got the majority of the cabinet painted only to realize, simultaneously, that it was just TOO blue. TOO country-looking. We wanted something darker, more almost-black, something with a bit more purple in it...something we had to go back to Lowe's to find...

A trip to Lowe's later and a little more black in our remaining blend and we still don't think we have it. But we do have a new paint chip that we really do think is the one. So, maybe tomorrow we'll have the right color. Meanwhile, here are the fruits of our labor.

And Brooklyn and I absolutely LOVED having Daddy around all day. I wish every day were All Day Daddy Day, but I guess then it wouldn't be such a special day, huh?

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  1. The mirror looks so good, and talk about a not-easy taping job! Im impressed. I feel for you about the blue color, that really doesnt look like the paint chip you showed me! I surely understand, I mean, you've seen my hallway. I'll never know what happened there...

  2. I'm diggin the old school slashed knees jeans. rock on.