Color Conundrum

7:49 PM

Who would have thought that the color we settled on - New Black - would have no black in it at all? Or that the original color of blue we abandoned, did, in fact, have several bits of black in it? In fact, the New Black has a base of fabulously vivid magenta! The guy at Lowe's, when I handed him the paint chip and requested a quart (my sample size), asked me if this was my intended color selection, or did I really want black. No, I answered emphatically - I want NEW BLACK. Ok, he said, as he opened the base can to reveal a magenta that made my skin tingle with anticipation. He eyed me with a slight bit of trepidation, to which I responded with a confident grin - EXCELLENT! THIS is exactly what I was looking for. My fellow paint purchasers experienced similar surprises when the base color for a hunter green turned out to be a vibrant royal blue that I thought was gorgeous! I am just crazy about color. No way around it.

What I don't understand is why I never thought of asking what the components of any given color are! It's fascinating. Just knowing that the New Black color had a magenta base - and I KNEW I felt a sort of purple connection with it - made so much sense to me. Man! What a whole new world I have discovered! As soon as we have finished covering our TV cabinet with this New Black, the pics shall be revealed. Meanwhile, if you need me, I'll be at Lowe's disecting paint chips...

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  1. Wait... I'm slow today. Its still a navy w/ a magenta base... right? Paint samples, bases, ect.. are like unsolveable crossword puzzles to me. No can do. Anyway, I'm sure whatever you picked out will be gorgeous!