The Farm

12:48 PM

My family is blessed to have a wonderful place we like to call the Farm. I don't really know why we call it the farm, because there are no animals, no rows of corn or anything like that. It's not a working farm, but we have always referred to it as such. The land has been in my mother's family for generations, and my parents built a cabin/house down there a few years ago. It has become one of my favorite places to go. Gently rolling meadows, a pond, tons of woods and trails to 4wheel on, peace, quiet and utter relaxation.

A few weeks ago, this is where Kyle and I hauled our little family, dogs included, to quietly vacation. We brought and read tons of books, I brought my cookbooks and cooked up a storm (pie crusts from scratch, banana bread with chocolate and strawberries...), we took a kiddy pool and all three of us splashed for hours, Kyle worked on some photography projects and rode the 4wheelers, I fished for about 15 minutes before getting fed was the perfect vacation. I absolutely hated to leave. Anyway, here are some pictures of our time down there. It is our haven...a home away from home.

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