The UnFramed

9:05 PM

One of my passions is estate sales. I love searching for hidden jewels, whether it be old dishes (I collect tea cups and cake stands), vintage linens, or even a box of ace bandages with the little metal catches still attached(!!). A few months back, Kyle and I stumbled upon the mother of all estate sales. This one held a treasure trove of furniture and art - the biggest attraction to us was the vintage gallery posters. We made a major HAUL - an antique toybox with velvet flocking ($25), an adorable little chair ($5), an antique chair with beautiful bones ($45), tons of art and a fabulous turquoise bed covering which is in my future torquoise room.

The problem we now have is framing! Framing is not cheap, and I am not one to throw something on the walls just to have something up. So we have a guest bedroom devoted to our unframed objects (everything from our "new" vintage gallery posters to watercolors I purchased in Budapest and Prague to samples sent to Kyle from an amazing illustrator), just begging for placement on the walls of our house! And I would so love to answer their calls, but my pocketbook is not quite as ready.

Someday, I hope, the walls of this great house will support a collection of art slowly collected with love and care by me and Kyle.

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