Weekend in the Middle of the Week

8:37 PM

A holiday mid-week feels like a weekend in the middle of the week, as my sister-in-law, Anna, pointed out. And therefore, deserves a special celebration. One worthy of hamburgers, french fries, fried okra and some friends. This is the South, after all, where chivalry is alive and well, the humidity is always 98% and people still know their neighbors.

Anna and Zach invited us over to their place on Candlewick, and as always, her house stirred my creative juices. I love the way she decorates and always leave inspired!

While Anna, Liz, Melissa and I gabbed about our latest decorating projects, the merits of West Elm, acrylic candelabras and gun-shaped flower vases, our men pulled out some cards and waged a war of wit. There is something so hysterical about hearing grown men talk smack over a hand of UNO. Somehow, my own daughter was dealt into the game, albeit briefly. Her idea of a good card is a card that she can munch on. Ah well.

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