Before & After

3:38 PM

Home improvement projects are suddenly the order of the day here on Goshen. I don't know if it's summertime or because I've been scouring Domino magazines and getting inspired. Plus, I have been influenced by two of my favorite people - Liz and Anna - who are equally enamored with the quest to create the perfect rooms. There is no such thing, I believe, but the pursuit of it can be mighty fun.

The only project I have completed on my DIY short list, is the subtle transformation of my breakfast room. It occurred to me that the white background of my china/display cabinets was too blah in the room, so after much deliberation and a trip to Lowe's, they have been transformed into something less blah and more fitting of the room. They are not actually as vibrant as "after" picture makes them out to be, but I quite like them.

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  1. I think your house needs to BE in Domino! I'll see what I can do, hee hee. :)