Day 3 - Kentucky Horse Park

4:40 PM

As Brooklyn and I both adore horses, we decided we had to try out the Kentucky Horse Park. Turns out it was a good move! Brooklyn and I both got our fill of horses...well, not our fill, but plenty for one day. She even got to ride a horse which thrilled her to no end. She is fearless. Absolutely fearless. She kept yelling, Giddyup, horse! Faster, Horse! A couple of times, she let go of the saddle and was just balancing herself. She was even sort of posting! I was impressed. Kyle and I have already decided that we're going to get her riding lessons when she's a little older. I always wanted to have them - I wanted to know all the nitty gritty about them - from mucking stalls to grooming them to riding them. But I had to make do with the occasional trail ride or the rare friend who owned a horse. I was one of those girls (it may be ALL girls, I don't know) who couldn't get enough of horses. Everytime there was a Scholastic Book Fair at our school, I'd have mom buy me as many horse books as I could find. So if a book exists on horses, I've probably read it. I also had the posters of horses on my walls and books on drawing horses...

I would still love to own one someday, but for that to happen, B and I have to educate ourselves a bit more.

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