Another Brooklyn-ism

11:41 AM

Kyle and I just returned from a weekend at our Farm. It was so relaxing, as it always is. The weather was so UN-Summery for Arkansas. Almost cool! Very windy, overcast and very conducive to swinging on the porch swings with a good book. I read the latest Patricia Cornwell book while Kyle and Brooklyn played in her kiddie pool. August slept and ate and slept some more. And...MILESTONE- he smiled at me for the first time on Sunday which happened to be my birthday! Made me almost cry. What a gift.

As the weather was so nice, Kyle thought Brooklyn might like to take a small 4wheeler ride - very slowly, of course. Well, at first Brooklyn said No Thanks. Then she decided she might like to ride the BLUE 4wheeler. So she and Kyle headed down to the yellow barn which houses the 4wheelers and tractors and other equipment. She even expressed some excitement at seeing the blue 4wheeler! But once she and Kyle sat down on it, the story changed. She suddenly BURST into tears and said in no uncertain terms that she DID NOT want to ride the 4wheeler..I don't wanna ride it...I don't!

So I was kind of surprised when they showed back up at the farmhouse only moments after leaving...until Kyle explained her change of heart.

But here's the funny part. I relayed this little excerpt to you sort of in my own words. In Brooklyn's words, what she really says is: 4weird. I'm not kidding. It took us a little bit to decipher exactly what she was saying, but it is most definitely not 4wheeler, but rather 4WEIRD. And she's insistent. We tried to correct her, but she stood firm on her own pronunciation. Sigh.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! It made my day, truly.

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