Blog Sabotage

5:33 PM

This blog has been sabotaged. That's right folks, unbeknownst to the usual author of this page, Brooklyn, August and The Husband have snuck onto the computer and covertly added an entry of our own. I fear you underestimate the sneakiness.....

Why, you ask? Is it because we think we can do better? Heavens, no, that's preposterous. This is only a temporary diversion, Ashley will be back soon to keep you up-to-date on the Floyds, share design projects, and wax poetic about family, God, love, and other musings.

The purpose of this particular blog-kidnapping is to celebrate our wonderful Ashley's birthday, coming up on Sunday. This woman is absolutely the love of my life. We met at freshman orientation, and never before or since have I met anyone that stirs my heart the way she does. I still have days when the sight of her, a sideways glance, or an unexpected laugh make me want to hold her to me and never let go. This is my girl, the one who believes in me, the one I'll spend the rest of my life trying to deserve.

But God didn't put her on this earth merely for my happiness. From what I've witnessed, she means so much to all of you as well. Her humble wisdom, ready smile, and culinary generosity are well-known. She makes adorable children, too, have you noticed? I think if you scroll down this page, there may be one or two photos to offer as proof. This once career-minded woman is now having a blast raising our kiddos. It's such a joy to see the woman I love become such a beautiful mother. For these and infinitely more reasons, Happy Birthday, Ashley. We will love you infinitely and always.

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  1. Kyle, you should make more posts!! Your writing is almost as good as Ashley's! And your picture art is amazing!!!

  2. Happy Birthday-weekend, beautiful girl!! Love ya - Amanda (Smack)

  3. Happy Birthday Ashley! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday Ashley!!! You're amazing and I wish the best for you and your beautiful family in the coming year!

    Kyle...very sneaky...we'll never underestimate you again, that's for sure!