The LipSticks!

5:41 PM

We rarely turn our tv on, unless it's to watch movies. For several reasons: 1) our tv is a piece of dogdoo. The reception is like watching images through a sandstorm, plus we don't have cable, so there is very little ON at any given moment; 2) we don't get into most sitcoms or if we do, we just wait until the full season is available for rental (or borrowing); 3) who has TIME to watch tv?; 4) our rabbit ears (which are necessary to watch ANYTHING) are more like ears that have been chewed, bent, pulled off, repaired multiple times with duct tape and are remarkably inept at picking up passing channels.

But we make an exception for the Olympics. So, for the last week or so, we've wiggled and jiggled the rabbit ears, trying to coax some sort of a solid image onto our screen to watch the thousands of swimming races, keeping track of Michael Phelps' epic events, even watching the women's marathon - go Romania! - and trying to stay awake long enough to see who wins what for the women's all around gymnastics! Although, seriously, how many times and how many ways can the question be asked: "What does this mean for you?" I mean, COME ON! How many different ways can the question be answered? But I digress.

Even Brooklyn has gotten into the Olympics, although she INSISTS they are the "LIPSTICKS", not the Olympics.

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