A Hilarious Misunderstanding

2:49 PM

The other day, Kyle and Brooklyn were upstairs and I was downstairs with August. Kyle said to Brooklyn, "Let's go downstairs to see our family." Well, in Brooklyn's mind, that meant, let's go see Mommy! So, unbeknownst to me or Kyle, she connected the dots on her own to mean Family=Mommy. She has begun to refer to me as "Family" as though that were my name in addition to Mommy and Ashley. We have tried to clear it up by explaining that all of us are parts of one family. That she is part of it, I am part of it, August is part of it and Daddy is part of it. She nods and seems to get it. But a few minutes ago, I was laying down with her as she napped, reading a book, and she woke up momentarily to look for her pacie (which had fallen out of her mouth). Her immediate words upon waking were, "Where's my pacie, Family?" As I plugged it back into her mouth, it was all I could do not to fall off the bed laughing. Clearly, the concept of family is anything but clear to her.

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