Birthday Girl!

7:12 PM

The Birthday Girl - in her birthday suit. Can't keep that girl dressed.
Opening her presents!
Showing her new strength as a 3 year old! Strong enough to support Uncle Michael!
See my new wallet!

On Wednesday, my little Brooklyn turned 3! I find it so hard to believe that 3 years have already passed. What joy my little girl has brought into our lives. Her hugs, kisses, smiles, mischievousness, sweet nature, zest for life, astounding vocabulary, cuddleability, unique style, short haircut and personality all make her absolutely indispensable to me and Kyle and August. In short, she's all I could ask for in a daughter.

To celebrate her birthday, we had birthday cake at DD & Randad's after our usual Wednesday night Bible study, and then today, her two best buddies, Lake and Hollis, came over with their mommies and little brothers. They decorated princess crowns, ate lunch and decorated their own desserts - sugar cookies in the shapes of high heels and crowns. It was a success as measured by the speediness with which she fell asleep for her nap. :) She was worn out. And she woke up in a good mood, talking about how much fun she had with her buddies.

At dinner, I asked Kyle how his day was. Well, Brooklyn had her head down, concentrating on her vegetable soup, so she didn't know to whom this question was directed and just assumed I was asking her! She replied with feeling, "It was a VERY good day!!!"

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  1. Happy B-Day Brooklyn

    I am so sorry I didn't send anything. We have been having major drama in the West household....