Sight to Behold

8:09 PM

I know you're sick to death of hearing about P90X. But I have to share this bit of hilarity that I witnessed tonite at the gym. Kyle and I have been members of our gym for so long that there are people there we know like family. We see them almost daily and we all sort of know the types of workouts that each other does. So, when our gym buddies saw Kyle and I doing all these crazy P90X moves over the past 3 months, they were naturally curious. We explained it to them, and pretty soon we'd soon see people carting in their own P9oX workbooks, holding it up and grinning at us - see, we're doing it too! Once again, wishing I got a commission...

Well, there is this one group of men who faithfully come in every evening about the same time. They are family men, friendly, chatting as much as they're lifting weights and doing pull-ups. They were particularly intrigued by the program, watched us do it over several weeks and apparently, bought it as a group. So imagine my surprise as Kyle and I are in there doing our own pull-ups and push-ups and crunches...and in walk these guys - 4 of them. And they pull out this little DVD player, plug it into the wall, prop it up on a bench, slide in the chest/back workout DVD and I hear the voice of Tony Horton broadcast across our little corner of the weight room. On top of it all, every one of the guys dressed in a blue shirt. Like they were this little team of P90Xers. There they were, all lined up together, watching the DVD screen, obediently doing their exercises together, scattering to find all available pull-up bars when it was time...Kyle and I just barely held it together watching them. But I also felt an odd sort of parental proudness. They were all doing this because of us! Not that they wouldn't have discovered it on their own, but they bought it because the two of us enjoyed it so much!

I would have KILLED to have a camera on hand to share the hilarious visual image of it all. You'll just have to use your imagination.

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  1. That is so funny. As p90xers My husband and I are both laughing out loud. We do our weight workouts at the gym too but we have everything written on an index as to not be too conspicuous...and we totally get stares too.

  2. This is so FUNNY! I swear, I've thought about doing this too! Do you think these men would let a gal join their boy club?