Twilight the Movie

6:37 PM

This weekend, my sister Rachel (and my brother Jeremiah) came into town for a visit. It had been way too long since I'd seen them both! Rache also brought a friend, Julia, down with her. So when I found out that Twilight was playing at the dollar movie, I called her up and said, wanna go with? She and Julia were game.

First, though, she burst out laughing that I even KNEW what Twilight was, much less had read the whole series in about a week. Yeah, yeah...laugh. She had actually read the first book herself. So the three of us (plus August) went to the Saturday matinee showing.

I confess I entered the cinema with low expectations. Movies are never as good as the books. And I had heard so much hype that it was BOUND to disappoint. Plus, one of my pet peeves is when the book covers depict pictures of the movie actors, thereby ruining the formation of the characters' faces by your imagination. And the copy of Twilight I had been loaned had the pictures of the actors on the cover, so I had issues with that from the start. First of all, Edward was depicted over and over as "beautiful"...otherwordly beautiful. Hm. I personally don't find Robert Pattinson all that beautiful. He did grow on me as the movie went along because he does seem rather Edwardish. But still. I had a different "beautiful" in my mind after reading all the books. Don't get me wrong, girls, he's no uggo. But...he wasn't the Edward in my mind. And Jasper...seriously, was his face made out of play-do? Alice was right on from my perspective as was Emmett. Carlisle and Esme, not so much. But you pay a buck and you can't expect TOO much!!!!!

All in all, casting differences aside, I really did enjoy the movie! I expected the soundtrack to contain way more Muse than it did, but it was a fantastic soundtrack nonetheless. Wow. And since I was perhaps the last woman on the face of America to SEE the movie, I found bits and pieces of the movie laugh out loud funny. And to my amusement (and that of my sister, Rachel), I was THE ONLY PERSON in the theatre laughing. Seriously, did no one else see the humor? Julia's theory was that everyone there had seen it multiple was her third time. Could be. I did wonder though if I just have a weirder sense of humor than some.

But I was very satisfied with my (mostly) girl date and look forward to the next ones. Thanks for humoring me, Rachel and Julia!!!

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  1. Oh girl. My sisters and I laughed so hard through that movie. On opening night. With hundreds of women shushing us. Probably not smart. But I enjoyed it all the same.

    Did you not fall out when she walked into the science lab and he bugs his eyes and sucks in air like a fish? So NOT what I imagined from the book.

    Glad you enjoyed. I'll be watching it again, laughter and all. :)

  2. don't worry i have yet to see the movie. i don't have a lot of time right now. i agree that the edward i envisioned is not the one they put in the movie. i don't know how a human can really meet up with the imagery that is in the book in regards to edward. i have to read the rest of the books. i refuse to buy them and keep forgetting to ask my friends to borrow them. i find myself laughing at things in movies that noone else does...

  3. I laughed out loud all three times I saw it when he calls her a "spider monkey." My friend Kasey and I (with whom I saw the movie twice) now refer to one another as "my little spider monkey" every time we speak!

    I agree. When I first saw Edward, I was like "huh?" But as the movie progressed, he became more and more handsome. Kinda like Harry Connic Jr in Hope Floats.

    Sill, I'm so buying it next month when it comes out on DVD!