Mysterious Squiggly Worms

1:49 PM

The room in which I sit to compose these trivial lines has a set of French doors which open to the front of our house. Immediately beyond the doors is a concrete step leading out to the concrete patio. The concrete patio is fronted by a flowerbed.

There is supposed to be a set of screen doors which open out to the world, just outside our French doors. Almost a year ago, I had this handyman we know take them to fix them. Well, that's another story, but needless to say, he hasn't returned them. He hasn't sent me a bill yet, either. So that's good. And he claims he'll get them back to me...

For the past several days, as I come in here to clean up, vacuum, move toys, etc. (not blog, obviously...I'm so behind), I have found these squiggly earthworm carcasses. Gross, I know. And where on EARTH are they coming from? I think I've found 4 so far. In different locations on the floor, but definitely dead, sort of mummified and squiggly. And mysterious. As I picked up yet another one who died near August's little play gym (was the little worm aiming for it?), I started to really wonder where these are coming from. I assumed that they must have been wiggling their way under my French doors somehow. But then that really gave me pause. To do that, these worms would have to work their way up and OVER the concrete step outside. Is that even possible? Are these extreme worms, are they rockclimbers? I'm so puzzled. I may have to set up a hidden camera outside the door to see if my theory is correct.

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