Busy Boy

3:08 PM

I'm waiting on my husband to get home with our camera, so I can capture a picture of my little 7 1/2 month baby boy who is desperately trying to do everything all at once. He got 4 teeth in a span of 2 weeks. And he's been sitting up so sturdily for a few weeks now. Not moving himself into a seated position, but holding it very squarely once placed there. And he can lurch around and throw out a hand to catch his balance. He's very coordinated, it seems. And excellent hand-eye coordination. He sees it, he grabs it, to his mouth it goes.

And on top of everything, he is up on all fours, rocking back and forth. Scooching sort of backwards, but I have no doubt that he'll figure out forward motion very shortly. I give him a week. He's a smart little guy. And after all, he has a big sister to chase down! Alas, I am in NO hurry for these things to progress, but he seems to be developing at a faster pace than his big sister. And by that I mean, at his age, she wasn't close to crawling. Well, close, I guess. Her baby book says she crawled at 8 months. And her first tooth did pop through at 7 months, but in a different order than August's. How interesting.

I swear, he's also working on pulling himself up on things. Or maybe it's just pulling so hard on things to bring them down to his mouth level that he sort of lifts himself up. Sigh. How quickly babyhood flies by. Makes me start thinking about another....easy there, D.D. Nothing is in the works, so to speak...

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  1. for reals?!? Another one?!? Paul swears we're all done, but I just can't quite convince myself of it yet. Only time will tell.

  2. Lord willing...I don't think we'd try till August is at least a year old. With Brooklyn, we waited longer. I just know I can't stop at 2.

  3. Your last name may no longer be Dennis, but you ARE a Dennis! You need to at least show up your mom and her superstar childbearing skills! You go girl!

    PS. My last name is NOT Dennis, therefore, I can stop at one, maybe two :) Pregnancy was NOT nice to me!

  4. hehe!!! i am not ready to think about another one, but that last line made me laugh! :-)