The Vinson's

3:42 PM

Being Fancy only adds to the climbing experience.

We had a hard time getting the two girls to stand still together long enough for a picture.

Brooklyn's party outfit. The skirt was her idea. And what a great one!
Pre-party - August tries out a few items while munching on dollhouse grandma.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who's the fairest of them all? It's a dead tie!

A few weekends ago, we had an opportunity to visit some of our dearest friends - always a treat. Sarah & John are two people for whom I would walk through fire. I love them (and their children) that much. And time with them is time well spent. They're so easy going that when we show up at their house late at night, they stay up with us to catch up, play dress up and don't mind at all when Brooklyn and August destroy Lily's room.

Turns out our visit was well-timed - we were able to attend the joint birthday party for Sam (5) and Lily (3). Lily was born 2 days after Brooklyn, and it's always a hoot watching them get together. Apparently, Lily has a huge sack of dress up clothes which she largely ignores in favor of her dress up jewelry. Well, Brooklyn took advantage of that to put on as much dress up clothing as she could fit on her body while Lily adorned herself in jewels. August even tried a few items on.

At the birthday party, Brooklyn refused to take off her "Fancy Nancy" skirt - which totally worked, actually. In fact, Fancy Nancy would have been proud of Brooklyn's panache. Panache is a fancy word for a grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair. (You Fancy Nancy readers will appreciate that).

And in her characteristically bold manner, she befriended just about every one at the party.

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