Dedication Day

4:41 PM

Mommy & August
Rashy, but still handsome!

On all fours - desperate to crawl!

Today we had the privilege of publicly dedicating August Banner Floyd to the Lord in front of our church body, family and friends. Well, the part of our church body that attends the Edge venue, that is. And this day was special to me for several reasons: 1) it's a public declaration of our commitment to raise August to be a man of God; 2) all my family members were there - even ones who consider it a long drive to our church (it takes us 20 minutes to get to church); 3) our dearest friends also came to stand with us and show their support (thank you, Emily, Brent, Charla & Toby!) and 4) August looked absolutely debonair! I found the greatest little outfit for him - these madras shorts, gingham shirt and plaid tie - he looked AWESOME!

AND, best of all, he managed to save his usual morning poo explosion for later in the day. I even brought two outfits for him - a pre-dedication outfit and then the real one. I fully expected him to blow out his britches during first service and then be ready for his good outfit. Well. Seems I failed to factor in Daylight Savings Time. He was a few hours behind, so we did manage to get through church unscathed, but he DESTROYED his outfit while we were eating Mexican food a few hours later. Oh well.

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  1. Don't we all destory our outfits while eating Mexican food?

  2. Amanda "Smack"March 10, 2009 at 2:06 PM

    Gorgeous! You are absolutely beautiful in your proud picture with August. I love it!