More Re-decorating

2:46 PM

Every spring, along with a burning desire to get my hands dirty and plant things, I also start taking a new look at my house - the inside of it. And that time has come.

And I'm no snap decision-maker. I deliberate indefinitely, pouring over catalogues, paint swatches, fabric swatches, magazines, websites, etc to make sure I only buy that perfect item. And sometimes you're forced to make a move when you would otherwise put it off and off and off. So, the console table we had borrowed from Zach and Anna that graced our living room wall has now been returned to its rightful owner, leaving us with a huge blank space. And a more pressing sense of urgency to do something about that space! Until I get my tax return and narrow down the proper article of furniture for the space, I moved a bench and made it double as a toy-hider. Those dern toys. I kind of like how it looks!

And, thanks to my darling Anna, I now have the itch to re-paint my living room. Not something crazy...just something more in line with my design sensibilities. You'll just have to wait and see. Again, waiting on that tax return. And then I might have to paint the bench..and then...oh well. One day at a time. One project at a time.

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