Array of Colors

2:17 PM

I think it's officially spring around here. From one day to the next, something new is blooming or has sprung forth from its tight bud to reveal a glorious flower! My Japanese maples are slowly unfurling their delicate red leaves while my wisteria vines are beginning to dangle their purple blossoms high and low around my driveway. The dogwoods literally opened their blooms overnight and my lemon-mound spirea and purple bushes are contrasting quite nicely. This is another time of year when I love living in this house. I love the colors that meet my eye from any direction. I love being surrounded by living vegetation! And I love how when the trees fill up with greenery, I can look out my back windows and not see any other houses! Just trees!

After a sprinkler mishap last summer, I was afraid I had killed one of my Japanese maples. But it has more stamina than I gave it credit for and I think it's going to be glorious. Praise the Lord for winter - which allows me to enjoy my much-needed cold weather! And praise the Lord for spring when everything explodes into color!

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  1. That is so pretty, the girl and the blooms too.