August & Kate

4:32 PM

Hey guys!
You look good enough to EAT, August!

How about just this one ear?

I got the train!!!!

During our afternoon together, while the grown-ups talked together and Brooklyn played dollhouse, August and Kate interacted. It's amazing how two little people of the same size recognize a kindred spirit in another - just based on their similar size. They had the best time squealing at each other, lurching forward and backward, grabbing at each others' eyes, ears, hair and this one little train toy. I think Kate even made move on August! It was so fun to see these two little babies, a week apart in age, bonding. It's hard to believe that Becky and I were pregnant with these two at the same time...we have pictures of our pregnant bellies side by side...and then here are the babies side by side!

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