Back to Fayetteville!

12:37 PM

For the second time this month, we headed to northwest Arkansas! And we hope we will not be traveling again for quite some time... Or at least until our family vacation in May. This trip was to celebrate the baby dedication of Julianna West, our second god-child. And another chance to spend more time with Jason, Jennifer, Jonathan and Becky, Greg and their precious children.

Our three families, totaling 7 kids and 6 adults, took up the entire corner of Tim's Pizza on Saturday night, and with the combined energy, noise and general mayhem erupting from our tables, probably convinced several of the restaurant's patrons to remain childless indefinitely. Our kids were really quite good, but there were endless trips to the bathroom, one incident of some kiddo dimming the lights for the whole restaurant, more cracker crumbs flying through the air than chicken dust, some mild squabbling over seating, a little breastfeeding, and August managed to grab the lip of my extremely full glass of icy water and bring it crashing - every last drop - onto my waist. Boy.
Totally soaked.

Julianna marvels at the menu selection!

But it was good pizza and worth every bit of the trouble. And the dedication ceremony on Sunday was perfect. Julianna looked magnificent in her gown and smiled angelically when the pastor touched her face with the water. It was so good to see the West's and their extended family and to be included in such an important occasion!

August LOVED my earrings.

The West family!

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