August Update

1:10 PM

For those of you who are aware of how frustrated I've been for the past 4 months with the condition of August's skin, I have a positive report. After consulting with a pediatric dermatologist at Children's Hospital this past Thursday, ironically on a day his skin looked the best it's looked in MONTHS, we have a new - inexpensive - gunk to put on his face which has transformed him. He looks - miraculously and almost immediately!!!! - like a normal, healthy baby. His skin is beautiful.

That isn't to say that he won't still have issues with rashes popping up or getting dry skin, but for now, this stuff seems to work. And it's mostly vaseline with a mild steroid in it, and we can use it as often as we need with no negative side effects. Praise the Lord! Seriously! This has been an issue we've been praying about consistently. Literally after 12 hours of this stuff soaking into his skin, his Ronald McDonald clown mouth has faded away to a healthy, normal skin color.

Oh, and in other updates on the stud muffin - this past week we also had a little fever virus which took us to our doctor, which led to a scale and height measurement, which led to the knowledge that August now weighs 23 pounds and is 29 inches long. Gargantuan! But perfect.

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