Frozen Pipes

11:23 AM

As my husband gets a beep on his phone indicating I've just added a post to the blog, he will learn something new. And that is that another pipe burst at our house today. One burst yesterday, too.

This is why the South doesn't get cold that often. Our pipes don't know what to do, so they explode or crack.

Interestingly enough, this time LAST year the same 2 pipes cracked and spewed water all over the place. One controls my sprinkler system and once the water was turned off, no biggie. In the spring, we'll get the stupid little gizmo replaced. Again. And the other place is this water pipe that is absolutely useless, yet continues to bother me. Ok, not completely useless. I use frequently in the summer - it's a pipe that runs up to our back deck. I use it to water the plants on my deck.

What irks me is that this summer, I had a plumber come replace these EXACT 2 pipes for this EXACT same reason. Nobody told me I needed to aim a space heater at these pipes. Or even give them their own sweatshirts...

So maybe it's not just the pipes' fault - maybe this homeowner has seen cold weather so infrequently that I don't know how to protect my house against frozen pipes. Grr.

So, now there is currently an ice slick on my back driveway from frozen pipe #2 and frozen ivy on the side of my house where it received a good dousing from frozen pipe #1.

And I did turn my heat up a notch. We're now quite cozy at 61-62.

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  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Crazy cold. Crazy you for staying cold!! Love you tho. :)

  2. AGHG! I was just worrying about this this morning. Glad they're outside pipes though. I think I'll be leaving the doors under the sink open the next few nights.

    And I caved and cranked it to 68 yesterday. That's what levalized billing is for right? :)

  3. Oh I would totally do the same thing! Paul makes me keep it at at least 68...but if I had it my way, it be down much farther.

    It's been crazy cold here too. The housing office makes us turn off our outside water spouts during winter to keep the pipes from freezing. There's a valve under my sink and one in my pantry. In the spring, they'll give us permission to turn them back on. It's inconvenient but hey, it works.

    I love the new blog look, btw!

  4. Hey! So since we had a "mature" home with "exposed" exterior pipes we had or could have had issues so I feel I can share a little advise. 1)When left dripping we never had one burst. But I still had anxiety over this. 2) What we had done for the pipe (that extended out from the house, under the deck and out for watering) we (Jason, like i had a clue) had a second shut off valve installed. So that the water stopped inside or outside the foundation. Not just turning it off at the hose place (techinal term) It means you may have to crawl up under some where during the winter time to close but saves money. It also has less area to cover and keep warm. Jason can explain it better. It worked great and really wasn't that expensive. Good luck with all this freezing. Also, you may know this but most water companies will reimburse you the $$$ you are out for repairs...well say the leak cost you $35 extra dollars on you water bill they will "cover" the difference that the leak caused you. Hope my medling helped. Love and Miss y'all!