Merrick Esther

4:57 PM

Right around Christmas, the collective immunity of our little family fell apart. August and I developed a hacking cough that just about drove us crazy. His cough turned into RSV which then turned into an ear infection. Then Brooklyn caught a nasty stomach bug causing her to throw up for 24 hours and have diarrhea for days. Then she got an ear infection. Then August caught her stomach bug...and in the midst of their being sick, I hosted a baby shower for Melissa, my sister-in-law. I sent my kids over to my parents during the shower (which was a HUGE success). As Kyle and I left our kids at my parents to go to the gym, the kids visited Chad and Melissa who live next door to my parents.

Next thing I know, I get a call from Melissa on Monday evening asking just what Brooklyn's bug was like. Apparently, about 24 hours after she saw my kids, she started exhibiting the same "stomach bug" symptoms. Right about the EXACT same time, my dad, Anna, Kyle and a healthy portion of people who'd attended my shower! Turns out, this stomach bug was airborne and incredibly contagious. I somehow did NOT catch it, which was a blessing, since my whole family was bedridden.

For Melissa, that little bug may have been instrumental in ushering the next phase of her life: Motherhood.

For after she stopped throwing up, her water broke and she and Chad packed their bags and headed to the hospital! Melissa was 3 weeks early at this point, but that was also not a bad thing since her diabetes meant she could have a rather large baby. So every day that passed was a baby getting bigger and there's always the risk of having to have a C-section. So the fact that their little one came 3 weeks early was a God-thing, despite the fact that neither she nor Chad were really quite ready - the bounty from their recent showers not even unpacked or washed!

She was a true champ - delivering their first child - a daughter, Merrick Esther, completely natural. Which was no easy feat since little Merrick gave her mother considerable trouble with back labor. But she did it and Merrick weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and is beautiful!

My kids particularly love her - even August who kept patting her, saying, "sssssss...ssssss". His version of "shhhhh". He kept saying "Baby, Momma! Baby!"
Brooklyn celebrated with Chad by teaching him some dance moves. She knows that it is essential that every Daddy be prepared to cut a rug with his daughter.
To the Lord, we thank Him for another healthy baby and a sweet, much-welcomed cousin! To Melissa and Chad, we offer Congratulations on a job well done! To Melissa, my sister in "law" as well as "heart", I say, you go girl. I love a girl with tenacity, grit and the mental and physical toughness to deliver a baby into the world the old-fashioned way. You make me proud.

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  1. Merrick is beautiful! I can't wait to meet her in person. Oh, and thanks for that whole stomach bug thing, I think I lost 3 pounds :). Love ya, my friend!