2:07 PM

I think I've mentioned before the unusual thing that Brooklyn does when she needs to go to the bathroom (#2). And yes, this is probably one of those things that she'll hate me for sharing with the general public someday, but who cares. It's really funny!

What she'll do is drape herself over one of the breakfast room chairs or her yellow chair. And just hang there, arms dragging the floor, legs sticking straight out, belly down. And she'll hang there indefinitely. I figured out, by trial and error, that she does this when she really has to go to the bathroom, but doesn't WANT to. Or isn't QUITE ready to go sit on the pot.

The first time Kyle witnessed this, he was like, awhaa??? And I quirked my eyebrow at him and said, Brooklyn, go sit on the pot. And she hemmed and hawed and put it off, but finally did and immediately...results. Kyle was impressed that I had made this deduction from her odd behavior. Weren't you, Kyle?

Well, the other night, Kyle called me in from the kitchen to observe the following which made two words come to mind: Pete and Repeat.

August had no "business" to attend to....

He just wants to be just like his big sister.

Who immediately ran to the bathroom and took care of her business after this picture was snapped.

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